Greater visibility and control of the business

We cut work times in half and decreased supplier delivery delays.
implementation time
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The challenge
Now, Juan has the whole panorama of his company digitally, automated and in real time.
To institutionalize the company, Juan Carreón decided to implement an ERP and hired a recommended software. After two years of implementation, he still did not have the necessary information to make well informed business decisions.

The selection of the software was based on the recommendation of the software manufacturer and not on the necessity of the process. That caused a lot of friction with the team and they failed to implement it correctly.

So they hired Lite to do a process mapping and configuration of a system that would support the whole process.
“Piarde is a company in constant change. Lite managed to support me in solving everything that was changing out of plan. They came to offer me processes, order and flexibility.”
They now have a digital platform that allows them to automate tasks that previously took up a lot of time. In addition, making decisions is much easier, because they now know the general state of the company in real time.
In 5 months...
1. We mapped all processes of the company.

2. We configured and connect activities between areas.

3. We involved the team in the design of the process and the configuration of the tool.

4. We prepared global reports to measure the impact of the activities.
The results
Greater visibility and control of the business
Less delays in deliveries with suppliers.
Savings in digitization implementation time.
implementation time
"It has reduced work times a lot, it used to take us more than twice as long to achieve what we do now."
Geraldine Bruner
Operations & Project Director
Vendor management
We created a supplier database integrated into the production system to increase visibility and communication.
Control of deliveries
We consolidate the purchasing process to have greater control of orders, deliveries and payments made to suppliers.
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